The Inn known as ‘The Kings Arms’ was built during the reign of Richard 1 (1189-1199) in the year 1195.When first built The Kings Arms was a singular thatched farm dwelling and was owned by the church and occupied by monks. It is believed that the order of monks first started brewing and selling ales.

In 1539 , with the final dissolution of the monasteries under the tyranny of Henry VIII the monks abandoned the premises and an ale licence was granted.

In the mid 18th Century The Kings Arms had been established as a coaching halt and a customs and excise posting house . Part of the premises was also registered as a parish poorhouse.

In later years it also served the function of the village postoffice.

The Kings Arms has seen and undergone many changes since it was first built but the historic atmosphere remains unchanged and includes a large inglenook fire where the brickwork has been worn away by customers sharpening their swords by the fire.